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Evening Dubai Desert Safari

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: $40

When the word “Desert” cross our mind, many picture a dry boring place, but is it so in reality, or is it just a misperception? This is what you need to discover for yourself!

Imagine the humpy bumpy ride on a camel’s back, the beautiful glittery sand dunes that dance like ballerinas, the cold amazing nights with folk music, the lush finger-licking delicious food, the magnificent sand castles, and the perfect pictures spots. Isn’t it all so dreamy? Don’t you just want to be there, right now?

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari! An experience worth every bit of it!

We offer you the chance of a lifetime, an altogether new experience, the evening Dubai Desert Safari. You will enjoy to bits with us! We promise to make your trip memorable and worthy! Don’t miss this golden opportunity that we have tailored for you! We have the best tourist guides that will make sure that you touch nooks and corners of the Dubai city!

Our exciting tour includes:

Pick Up Time : Between 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Safari :

Dubai Desert Safari Dune Bashing Enjoy the Sahara like never before, see all the hidden colors of the beautiful sands while riding the sand dunes on jeeps. It’s a highly thrilling, one of its kind experience.

Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding in Dubai Desert Safari :

Sand boarding! Yes you read that right! Just like snowboarding you can now enjoy skiing along the sand dunes. This is for sure the most exhilarating recreational activity in the Arabian deserts.

Sunset in Desert

Enjoy Beautiful Sunset in Dubai Desert Safari:

Experience the absolutely breathtaking beauty of a setting sun in the desert, the mixing of red, orange, blue hues in the sky produce a masterpiece, the beauty of which is only truly captured by poets and philosophers. Here you get to feel it for yourself.

Camel Ridding

Ride the “Ship of Desert” :

Long before Dubai became the technological and economical hub that it is today, it was a vast desert and the locals used to rely heavily on Camels “ships of the desert” to pass this land. We offer camel rides in our package and we promise you will remember this enthralling bumpy ride for a long time.

Photos in Arab Constumes

Dress Like an Arab In Dubai Desert Safari:

You can have your photographs taken wearing UAE’s national clothing. Ladies wear a black long cloak called the Abaya and men wear the Kandura or the dish dash, also a long white cloak. You can put these photos up on Facebook and Twitter for our friends to appreciate.

Henna Tattoo

Get A temporary Henna tattoos:

It’s an old tradition of the Arabs, Henna is a paste derived from the leaves of a plant and used as a dye to create beautiful designs on the palms and back of hands. Henna is traditionally worn by ladies on special occasions such as weddings and Eids.


Delious Food:

On arrival: Kahwa & Dates

Salads: Moutabel, Hummus, Cucumber-Tomato-Lettuce, Tabouleh

Main Course: Mix Vegetable Curry, Chicken Potato Gravy, Basmati Rice, Yellow Dal and Chicken Biryani

Live BBQ: Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Tikka and Lamb Chops

Bread: Arabic Bread

Dessert: Traditional Arabic Sweets and finely cut fresh fruit

Cafe: Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water

Alcohol is also available for an additional cost.

Tanura Dance

Tanura Dance In Dubai Desert Safari :

It is traditional Egyptian dance and it is performed by Sufi men, Darawish. In this version, the men wear long colorful skirts, where each color on the skirt signifies one Sufi order

The beauty of this performance is that you’ll completely interact emotionally & physically with the music and entertaining Melody.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance in Dubai Desert Safari :

Belly Dance is oldest form of dance and in Arabic it called “Raqs al baladi”. While you devour your Dinner Enjoy beautiful belly dance performance


Available but on Additional Charges :

Quad Biking

Quad Biking in Dubai Desert Safari :

Feel the power with the Quad Bikes! One of the most thrilling experiences is now available for a separate charge of USD $30 to USD $45 per person for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes.




After a memorable Dubai Desert Safari trip, we drop you off safely at your destination and hope you have enjoyed your day. And that you’ll love to come by again!

Get your reservation done instantly! We are available for reservation 24/7! Call us NOW!! On our helpline number! Or talk to our customer service center for details!!

Please note:

During the holy month of Ramadan, as a sign of veneration to the country’s Islamic religion, there shall be no Tanoura or Belly dancing, as well as no accessibility to alcohol. Also if a member of the Royal family dies, no above mentioned entertainment shall be offered in respect of the deceased one.